Dear Yuletide Santa

In case you’ve come here looking for direction, let me say these things about my tastes:

  • If you got a ‘shippy’ request, I’m very adamant about certain characters being ‘right’ for each other, and if they’re going to have thoughts about or relationships with certain other characters, I want the story itself to make it obvious who they belong with. I like the narrative voice to be partial to the pairing.
  • Angst is good, fluff is meh. Something between the two works fine. Dark, sarcastic humor and snarky dialogue is brilliant. I like gritty, punchy, violent stories. My favorite author is Chuck Palahniuk, to give you an example. If there’s somewhere you’re worried the story maybe shouldn’t go… don’t stop on my account.
  • I like the porn as much as the next person. Extremely graphic, dirty writing pleases me well. However, you are not required to write sex for me to be happy. I really like character development too, with relationships (with themselves or others) taking new steps.
  • Spelling, punctuation, and grammar are very important. I will notice, and it will jolt me out of the story. I don’t mean you can’t end sentences with prepositions, but please have it beta’d by someone with strong English skills.

Obviously you’re not required to adhere to those guidelines. I understand that not everyone is comfortable with those things, and I will appreciate your story very much regardless. I love, love, love my tiny fandoms and cherish every scrap of fic that adds to those small worlds.


~ by unnamed protagonist on November 11, 2008.

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